My Explant Journey- The Signs

My body was clearly working overtime to try to keep me safe from these toxic foreign objects I had put in my body so many years ago. Looking back, all the signs were there within the first year of putting in my implants.

I spent years trying to figure out what was wrong. Between the countless doctors visits, prescriptions, nutritionists, blood tests, genetic tests, etc., I must have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the last 10 years. I have seen every specialist you can imagine and undergone every test you can think of; pee here, prick there, poop in this, etc. At one point, I am pretty sure I was radioactive from the amount of radiology I had to undergo. I cried in multiple doctors visits asking for help trying to find the root cause and all they ever told me was that nothing was wrong. Then around the time I turned 26, I literally blew up like a blowfish. I gained 70 pounds in under a year. It didn’t make any sense; I wasn’t consuming enough food to equate to that amount of weight gain. When I gained weight, their solution was that I needed to lose weight, but they didn’t listen when I expressed how incredibly challenging it was for me to lose any weight.

Around 2018, I started losing trust in my body. I felt my body was going to give out on me; I was a ticking time bomb. I started heading down a really dark path. I covered it up pretty well, even from myself, but looking back I was heading down the path of depression. I started to have thoughts like, “am I going to die young”, “am I going to be able to bare children”, “why do I feel like such an old lady”, “my poor husband, he didn’t sign up for this”. I didn’t feel like myself. I wasn’t myself at all. I was just lost and helpless.

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