My Explant Journey- Leap of Faith

As I am sure you probably guessed by now, I made the personal choice to remove my breast implants after realizing how many BII symptoms I had. I honestly felt like I was trapped in an 80 year olds body, always sick and dealing with some new health issue or limitation. I became so allergic and sensitive to food; I didn’t even know what to eat anymore. My debilitating migraines went from monthly to bimonthly to weekly occurrences. I was popping migraine medicine as if they were skittles and found myself having to add other pain relievers to get through some of my worst migraines. I had random shooting pains in my (always tender) breasts as well as shoulder and back pains. I also had random cramps in my feet, for no reason. I was suffering from GERD and Eosinophilic esophagitis for over 10 years, which basically means that the acid in the stomach pushed my food up while I was trying to swallow, resulting in a near choking experience. I was so tired that even 10 hours of sleep didn’t help me feel rested. I had high blood pressure, and the list goes on…

After hundreds of hours of research, I planned to get a couple consultations, but after meeting Dr. Lampert, I knew he was the right doctor for me. I left my consultation with a surgery date.

I was so afraid and anxious going into surgery, but I didn’t feel like I had a choice. I was heading towards a very dark and unhealthy place, so this surgery was a risk I needed to take in order to save myself. Leading up to surgery, I was filled with questions… Was I making the right choice, considering I have no guarantee I’ll feel better? Am I really healthy enough for surgery? What if I don’t make it out of surgery? I’m not ready to die, I still have my whole life ahead of me and so much left to accomplish. These were some of the thoughts consuming me the weeks leading up to surgery.

I went into explant surgery one week after being diagnosed with mild cardiomyopathy, which was quite devastating for me and likely contributed to my post operative PTSD. Surgery was supposed to take anywhere from 5 to 6 hours, but it took about 10 hours. Considering I got my implants in less than 1 hour, this was insane to me, but like anything (e.g. tattoos, etc.), getting rid of stuff is always harder and more invasive.

Dr. Lampert is very meticulous, caring, and an all around amazing surgeon.  I highly recommend him!

The office is run super effectively and communication is exceptional, even during post operative and after hours interactions. Dr. Lampert has incredible bedside manner. He is hands on, patient, and thorough in everything he does. He spends as much time as necessary to make sure things are done properly and that his patients feel comfortable. Everyone in this office makes sure you feel that personal one-on-one touch and comfort. You aren’t just a number to this staff and Dr. Lampert, you are treated with the highest level of care and respect. Personally, I have never seen a doctor (or office staff) follow their patients so closely, it’s evident that Dr. Lampert is truly passionate about what he does and truly cares about his patients and this transfers to all his staff. Another bonus, Dr.Lampert is an explant specialist and is well versed in BII.

Eviction Date: October 8, 2019 (Explant, Capsulectomy, Reduction, and Lift)

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