Timeless Impressions

March 2016

You can get invitations from anyone these days, but I didn’t know where to begin. I planned on shopping around, but after my first visit, I didn’t need to. I was referred by a friend and was able to get an appointment right away. During my first visit, I showed some of the styles I liked and we talked about my budget (which was small). Rather than trying to persuade me into liking something above my budget or making me feel bad for not having a large enough invitations budget, she showed me the best invitations I could get that would meet my taste and budget. This to me, is such a unique trait these days as businesses have stopped providing the customer service every consumer deserves.  No order is too small as it can potentially lead to countless larger opportunities, so all you blacklists take notes and think twice before you offer anything less than an ideal customer experience.

You’ve left a timeless impression on me and landed yourself on my A-List!