The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill, Wynwood, FL

January 1, 2016

First, I must give the Butcher Shop props for being open and having pleasant employees working on New Years Day. This was a breath of fresh air for those of us who had cabin fever and/or needed some good hangover food. For those of you who enjoy trying various craft beers, this place has a great selection. The overall vibe of the restaurant is pretty laid back and friendly. If you’re looking for a casual date idea, this is a cool place. Our server was very attentive. The food came out pretty quickly. However, the drinks took quite a while to arrive to our table. Apparently the bar was backed up at the time. What I loved about this place was the exceptional customer service. I didn’t even have to mention my frustration, the server took it upon himself to speak to his manager and get our drinks comped due to the inconvenience.

Thanks to my awesome server, my experience went from mediocre to exceptional. As a result, this place landed on my A-list! Keep up the great customer service and may this place prevail!

My personal recommendations from the menu: Gorgonzola Bacon Burger. Note: If you like your burger medium well, ask for it medium and it will be cooked perfectly medium well.