Tonic Bar & Restaurant NYE Party, Times Square, NY

December 2014

My boyfriend and I went to Tonic Bar & Restaurant in Times Square for New Years Eve (NYE) 2015 and we loved it! The event was very well organized and reasonably priced (considering we were in the Times Square madness). With our official ticket, we were able to bypass the security closures and enter Times Square, without any hassles. Once the event started, our server was fantastic! She never let our drinks get empty. Though, that did cause for a minor hangover in New York the next day. There was a designated dance area on every floor, which we owned. Most importantly, we were all able to go outside to watch the ball drop approximately10 minutes before midnight.

If you find yourself celebrating NYE here, I recommend picking up your official tickets prior to the event.  It made going through police checkpoints a breeze. We also met Waleed who is the Director of the Events and Social Media Marketing and Events Team. He was very helpful and personable. He assured us he wouldn’t sit us with anyone from our own city, so we could get to know new people. This was the best thing he could have done. We met two awesome girls from Cali who we had a blast with.

There were only a few very minor downsides. There was a slight “old rag” smell upon walking in, but it was isolated to the entrance area. There was also a limited selection of appetizer platters. We only had 2 platters to pick from, a fried platter and a seafood platter. Although the choices were limited, the food was good and it was a good amount for 2 people. Lastly, we were only a party of 2, so we had to share a table with 2 strangers. Fortunately, they were great company, so we didn’t mind. Plus, it’s pretty standard for small parties to have to share tables at these events.

All things considered, the positive outweighed the negatives. I’d celebrate NYE here again, without a doubt. I highly recommend this event to anyone who wants to ring in the new year in Times Square without dealing with the nightmare of a crowd and inconvenience of being out in the cold without access to restrooms. This is a much more practical and fun alternative to standing outside in the cold all day holding your spot to watch the ball drop.

This place was definitely Lexi approved. A-List!