Special Edition: When in Texas, we drink wine (apparently) like the Californian’s do and fancy mixed drinks made by mixologists.

Fat Ass Ranch and Winery

June 4, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised that there are several well-known wineries near San Antonio Texas in a hillside city called Fredericksburg. Lets all take a moment to acknowledge the clever name of this Winery. Now on to the more important stuff, think Napa Valley meets Wynwood… That’s why I loved this place! It was modern and laid back, and the wine was great…..and they had a band!! I particularly loved their frozen sangria too! What more do you need?!

You landed your Fat Ass on my A-List!

Messina Hof Hill Country Winery

June 4, 2016

This was a more traditional winery. The crowd was a little stuffy compared to the crowd at Fat Ass Ranch and Winery, but the wine was still good. The only reason this place had me sold is because they sell baby carriers for my wine glass! I mean come on, why didn’t I think of that?! My life is now complete.

You and your wine glass carrier made it to my A-List.

SoHo Wine & Martini Bar

June 2, 2016

Why are all the cool bars located outside of Miami?! This is the perfect place for happy hour, date night, friend’s night out, any occasion. The drink menu is intense. It’s like art, no one really understands it, but is nice to look at or in this case drink. I basically just asked the “mixologist” to make me whatever he wanted. They asked if I liked citrus or fruity and they took it from there in the form of a martini. I wasn’t disappointed. Couldn’t tell you what my drink was called, but it was phenomenal. My friend had the peanut butter martini, it tasked like a milk shake, so delish! Prices were reasonable and they also had a live band. I love bands!

I appreciate your art of mixology, so I’m putting you on my A-List!