Special Date Idea: Beer Crawl

March 8, 2016

Do you want to impress someone with a spontaneous and thoroughly thought out plan? Try taking your date on a Guided Miami Beer Crawl. Unfortunately, they don’t happen regularly, so here’s how to improvise and make your own private Wynwood bar hop experience without the pressure of being on a schedule. This resulted in a memorable Golden Birthday for me and I’m sure it’ll leave your date impressed.

  1. Start off at KUSH Wynwood and have a few beers.
  1. Make your way over to the Butcher Shop Beer Garden and Grill, so you can keep drinking while you grab a bite to eat, so you aren’t drinking on an empty stomach. Nothing could ruin this date more than a sloppy drunk, so coat your stomach accordingly.
  1. Hit up Miami Brewing Company where you can play some board games and drink some local brews while you get to know each other better in a laid back artsy setting.
  1. End the night at Wood Tavern where you and your date can hit up some food trucks for drunken grub and dance off all that beer you’ve drank.

The best part about being on your own private bar hop is that there’s no pressure or schedule, you can stop anywhere you want. The trick to this date is to hydrate with WATER and eat in between drinks, so you don’t get wasted. Don’t start trying to take shots at every stop while drinking hard liquor or mixing alcohol, you will cut your date short and possibly tarnish your image. So if you want a future date after this, remember to always drink responsibly and don’t even think about driving home after this date. Hit up an Uber.