Special Edition: Cartagena, Colombia

A destination wedding brought us to Cartagena, Colombia. Congratulations to the happy newlywed couple! Here is what made our trip memorable for the group while we were there:

  1. La Movida

February 25, 2016

This is a must try for a fun night out in Cartagena. Although a bit small and crowded, this venue is cozy, secure, and nicely set up. The ambiance is both hip and laid back. One room is perfect for a lounge experience with table service and the other is better suited for dancing the night away. Both rooms have great music! It’s best to arrive before 11pm for free entry. Quick tip, make a reservation if you intend to get a table, it is totally worth it considering the US Dollar is so much stronger than the Colombian Peso right now.

All things considered, this is definitely an A-List, if you’re looking for a fun night out in Cartagena!

La Movida

  1. Paseo a Islas y Almuerzo en Cholón

February 26, 2016

The intimidating waves we had to ride through to get to the island were quite intense, but thank goodness for a super talented captain. The ride could have been so terrible, but it was relatively smooth considering the huge waves and heavy winds.  Once we arrived to the first island, the water was a beautiful shade of turquoise. The captain and his first mate were extremely attentive. They made sure we had a nice spot on the sandbar and that we were comfortable by letting us control the music and refilling our drinks and snacks throughout the day. When we arrived to the second island (Cholón), they had meals laid out for us under several tiki huts located in the sandbar. Lunch in the ocean was quite impressive.  However, if you have fish or shellfish allergies, bring your own food as the options are limited to seafood.  When off the boat, be cautious of the hustlers lurking around trying to sell just about anything from food, massages, to jet ski rides. Some of the hustlers did come through for us as we were able to score some factory sealed bottles of Aguardiente and Ron Medellin to replenish our liquor stock. We had our captain verify that they were legit, just to be safe.

Considering this excursion made my trip, this is definitely an A-List (as long as you don’t forget your Dramamine’s)!

Paseo Cartagena

  1. La Diva

February 26, 2016

Hands down the best and freshest pizza ever! Talk about a creative and unique menu. We had the ricotta and mozzarella stuffed croquettas as well as the four-cheese pizza… Everything was absolutely delicious. Other members of our group tried the grilled octopus and the fig pizza and they were also extremely happy with their meals. Aside from the great food, the service was great.

This is a definite A-List for lunch, dinner, or late night munchies. They also have a brunch, which I’m sure is just as worthwhile.

La Diva

  1. Donde Javier Tienda, Restaurante Y Panaderia

February 27, 2016

If you’re looking for authentic Colombian breakfast, this is the place to try it. From the outside, you won’t expect much considering it looks like a run down shack. The truth is, I probably wouldn’t have even tried this place if our friends hadn’t already been there. I wasn’t disappointed. My arepa was delicious and their bistec al caballo was phenomenal as well. The service was good, but they forgot to place several of our orders. This actually didn’t bother us, because the portions were so satisfying, we were clearly ordering with our eyes. The server must be used to that, so he selectively ignored some of our order.

As I mentioned, above, if you are looking for a traditional Colombian meal, this is a must try A- List!

Donde Javier

  1. Café del Mar

February 27, 2016

For breathtakingly stunning views of Cartagena, this is a must see while in Cartagena. You can visit just for pictures, or you can sit down and have a couple drinks while you enjoy the views. The views are breathtaking both in the daylight and evening, but the daytime views call for amazing pictures. While you’re there, just ignore the street vendors trying to sell you things and they will eventually leave you alone. Try to avoid purchasing anything from the street vendors, buy from the actual venue, just to be safe.

With these views, who can deny Café del Mar a spot on my A-List?!

Cafe del Mar

  1. La Cuidad Vieja

February 27, 2016

The architecture of these old buildings reminded me of strolling through the streets of Europe. I love how they preserved the old charm of all these buildings when they opened up all the modern day retail stores and restaurants.  You can grab a popsicle, gelato, drink, or meal at any of the locations within La Cuidad Vieja and you will not be disappointed. If you have the time, take a tour, so that you can really capture all the history.

Even if you tour La Cuidad Vieja on your own, this is definitely an A-List for sightseeing in Cartagena.

  1. Ficci Café

February 27, 2016

Perfect spot to rest your feet from all the walking and the heat while you sip on a strawberry daiquiri or cool beer. This place overlooks the courtyard of La Cuidad Vieja, so you can people watch, listen to music, drink, and rest while you’re there. The empanadas were quite delicious for an afternoon snack.

If you’re just looking for a quick place to take a break and have a drink, this is the perfect A-List spot (notice how all my posts refer to drinking, no judging).

Side note: If nature calls, make sure you let them know you’re going to the restroom, or the bathroom attendant will try to charge you.


  1. Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros Colombia

February 25, 2016

This is one of the nicest Holiday Inn’s I’ve ever seen. The hotel is conveniently located, clean, the service is phenomenal, and the food is great (and reasonably priced).  Although this is priced at the traditional Holiday Inn price, the experience was worth that of the Ritz. I would definitely stay here again, without question.

I will probably never say this again about a Holiday Inn, but Holiday Inn Cartagena Morros Colombia, you made my A-List!