Moon Thai & Japanese, Kendall, FL

May 23, 2016

This visit was bad from the minute I drove into the shopping mall. The parking was a nightmare due to the LA Fitness, which shares the same parking lot. Upon arrival, the restaurant was pretty empty. The server was unprofessional and inexperienced. Initially, we were cutting him some slack since he was clearly very new to the job, but enough was enough. For starters, we asked for sake and Sapporo, the server came back to tell us they ran out, so we asked for Kirin, the server came back again to tell us they ran out. We finally got a beer, but the server forgot the sake until we reminded him.  When it came time to place our order, the server knew nothing about the menu, so he couldn’t answer any questions. I asked for two rolls with soy paper instead of seaweed, but I got two dry and plain rolls that were identical. I could have sent back the order to be corrected, but I felt bad, so I just asked for some spicy mayo. Surprise, surprise, he forgot the spicy mayo until I reminded him. Fast forward to the time to split the bill, I graciously wrote down the exact amounts to charge on each card (thought I made it dummy proof), he ran the wrong amounts on the wrong cards. FIFTY minutes later and 3 different conversations later about how to split the bill, we had heard it all including that their archaic register couldn’t handle splitting the bill, because it can’t calculate the taxes. I’ve NEVER heard of this in todays world, but OK. FINALLY, they figured it out, but we were all fuming as our patience had run out even before the bill arrived. All we got was a “sorry for the inconvenience, please give us another chance and come again”, not even a free drink or dessert while we waited for them to scramble their heads together to figure out how to split the bill. I thought to myself, ARE these people crazy?! I am never coming here again and I’m telling everyone to stay away. I was so over it, I wanted to get the heck out of there. Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t that over it, she felt the need to give the manger a piece of her mind.  It wasn’t until after she went through the laundry list of issues and the do’s and don’ts of proper customer service that they offered to give us a free meal. By the way, the manager had to run to his car to get a crumbled up business card for us to show when we return. I still thought, is this guy for real?! Again, I just want to go home and never come back here again.

You earned yourself an award for the most painful and unpleasant dining experience ever, that’s a tough award to earn. Don’t think you can ever get yourself off Lexi’s Blacklist.