Michaels Genuine Food & Drink, Wynwood, FL

January 22, 2016

The overall ambiance and customer service was nice. Seems like a nice date spot when I walked in. Our server was polite and very knowledgeable about the items and drinks on the menu and made good recommendations. The staff definitely enjoys their jobs and knows their stuff. Despite the good service, I must say I was utterly disappointed by the menu. Like seriously, where’s all the good stuff I’ve been seeing on your IG page, Michael? It took all four of us a nice chunk of time to pick something, we finally agreed on some appetizers and drinks. Charred Zucchini Hummus and Country Paté, with the intent to share the Spicy Lamb Pizza, you can’t go wrong, right? Wrong! The appetizers were ok, but they didn’t bring enough pita and bread for the serving size, when we asked for more, we were charged. If you see the appetizer is still half full, but the bread is gone, then you didn’t bring enough for the table size. Were those extra charges really necessary? Most restaurants I’ve been to don’t charge extra under these circumstances. Talk about nickel and diming. Thank goodness the pita was phenomenal (or maybe we were all just so hungry). If I had to sum up the dinner menu, I’d classify it as pretty less than basic for an extraordinary price. Half way through our appetizers, we decided not to go through with the pizza, closed our tab, and hit up Miami Brewing Company for some locals (Miami Brewing Company blog post to follow).

I know the Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink IG page doesn’t fabricate those pictures, so maybe dinner just isn’t their forte. Maybe they’re more of a brunch and/or lunch place. I’m willing to find out one day, if I’m in the area and hungry. Until then, I’m sorry to say, this is a blacklist for me.