Life in Color, Miami Gardens, FL

January 16, 2016

If you simply want to enjoy some good music and watch some great dj’s like Diplo and Steve Aoki perform, this is a great lower key EDM festival. The crowd is mixed, but mostly younger, so there will be lots of people watching opportunities in the crowd. Lots of hoping you never have to hear your teenage children say the words “mom, can I go to Life in Color” or any other EDM festival for that matter.  If you’re the Mother Theresa type who is going to be appalled at the site of half naked minors and feel obligated to try to save them all from the mistakes they are about to make, this isn’t the place for you.  The stages were not as extravagant as some of the other larger scale music festivals, but still an overall great experience nonetheless. The paint was quite messy, but definitely entertaining, to say the least. Wear clothes and shoes you don’t care to have to throw away after the concert, because even if you try to steer clear of the print blasts, you will get splashed. It’s inevitable, so just go with it.

As for ticket sales, ticket prices were fair considering some of the headliners. However, I don’t think there is a need to go with the more expensive express ticket, unless you want the free paint bottles. The “express” line went pretty slow, since they didn’t have enough individuals available to perform pat downs and bag searches. At one point, I wished I were in the general admission line. The general admission line was shorter and going WAY faster. They had more workers on duty allocated to general admission. If you’re of legal age to drink, drinks were reasonably priced as well (for Miami prices). Don’t go to this festival hungry. There is food, but the lines are incredibly long and disorganized. Most food trucks ran out of food and shut down by 10pm.

If you’re just in it for the love of the music, this is definitely an A-List! Grab your clique, some raggedy clothes, keep your open mind, and go rage. Let the music take over your soul. It’s all about good music, good friends, and good vibes.  #plurvibes

LIC 2016