Haven Lounge, South Beach, FL

February 5, 2016

Haven Lounge has some really amazing customer service and their sushi doesn’t fall short either. After dinner, we asked for Fireball, but they didn’t have. Shortly there after, the bartender came to us and surprised with Fireball. The owner, knowing this would make the birthday girls night, sent someone out to purchase some for us, to accommodate our request. Unfortunately, you don’t find quality customer service like that anymore.  This place is perfect for a birthday or any other celebration. The music is great and there are projector screens all along the walls of the venue for picture slide shows, videos or whatever else you wish for them to display. For these reasons, I’m mind boggled at the fact that it’s not more popular. We should collectively stop attending these places who practice terrible customer service (like George’s on Sunset) and focus our attention to hidden gems such as this one that are willing to go above and beyond to create a wonderful consumer experience for their guests. All they are missing is a promoter to attract the crowds or possibly a brunch party and this place will be totally packed and extraordinary. In the meantime, I’m going to take advantage of this hassle free lounge before the secret gets out.

Haven, I hope you keep up the phenomenal customer service and that the crowds follow (just don’t forget about Lexi). If you haven’t already figured it out, you guys made the A-List because I’m rave’n about Haven and I’ll be seeing you soon!