George’s, South Miami, FL

February 2015

If you’re celebrating something special as George’s encourages you to do, make sure you limit your celebration to 2 hours or the owner may ask you to leave.

We had a reservation to come here to celebrate a friend’s birthday during their brunch. When the reservation was made, no one warned us of any timing restrictions. My first impression was that everything was fabulous, but the food ended up being pretty mediocre. Part of our party was late, so we had to give up one of our tables, which we were ok with. We ordered two rounds of food for the table and offered to purchase bottles of champagne instead of the free mimosas. Shortly there after (while some of our group was still eating) we were asked to leave, because we had been there for two hours and they needed the table. Apparently there is a quota on number of tables served that they need to meet, which isn’t my problem. After we complained to our server, she said we could stay as long as we continued to order (which we planned to continue doing anyway). However, given what had transpired, we all decided we didn’t want to continue spending money somewhere with such horrible customer service.

This was a first. I’ve never been kicked out of a table. I have friends in the restaurant business and they have never kicked a table out no matter how long they’ve taken.

I was so very disappointed with the poor customer service and lack of respect. I’m definitely never going back to this place. With poor service and mediocre food, I’m surprised there’s still such a hype surrounding this restaurant.

This was definitely a bust. As the French would say, chez George, à ne pas y mettre les pieds! Translation: No stepping foot in George’s. Mr. George, you’ve landed yourself on my Blacklist!