Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, Kendall, FL

September 9, 2016
We’ve tried coming her a few times without reservations and it’s always a full house, so for my fiancés birthday, I made our reservation about two weeks in advance to make sure there was no stopping us.
It’s not often that I am left completely speechless, much less by food, but Chef Adrianne managed to do so. My meal literally tasted like an explosion of deliciousness and truffle goodness in every bite and I wanted to savor it all. I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed every single bite of my food. Not only is the food phenomenal, but it’s evident that Chef Adrianne is truly passionate about what she does. You can taste the passion in every bite.
The service is amazing, the ambiance is romantic, you would never know you were in Kendall.  The appetizer and entrees were perfectly timed out which is simple, but uncommon.
I hope to catch the next Dark Dining event for the ultimate experience. Chef Adrianne you are killing it. I wish you continued success. And thank you for enjoying truffle as much as I do. You are at the top of my A-List.