Cecconi’s, Miami Beach, FL (Soho Beach House)

January 31, 2016

If you are looking for the cliché Miami experience, Cecconi’s is the perfect place. It’s crowded with people who look like somebody important. You may occasionally run into someone who actually might be important. We ran into one of the real housewives of Miami. It’s also where you can find yourself a traditional Miami douchebag. Don’t get me wrong, the venue is nice, I’d even go back to try out the dinner menu and romantic date night ambiance, but its not ALL that and a bag of truffle fries. Although the service was good, the brunch buffet was mediocre. Except for the mac n’ cheese, that ish was FIRE! You’re REALLY paying for the ambiance and fancy Miami crowd.

If you want to impress an out of town visitor or a date, this is definitely the perfect spot. I think that makes this a “panty dropper” in the wise words of a Miami douchebag. Personally, I’d pass on this brunch. Unless Cecconi’s can redeem themselves with a tasty dinner menu and magical date spot, this is deemed a Blacklist. Better luck next time!