Cafeina Miami, Wynwood, FL

February 5, 2016

Once rated Number 5 by Miami New Times as one of Wynwood’s Five Best Bars, I am sad to report that Cafeina Miami has lost its mojo. Disappointingly, Cafeina’s crowd was pretty weak. It could use a little proteina (or Herbalife), if you know what I mean. Honestly, I’m totally bummed considering the location is nice, artsy, and spacious. I’m surprised management hasn’t taken advantage of its prime real estate and created a super hot spot. This place could be such a gem, but its not! Since Cafeina doesn’t live up to the hype, they’ve landed themselves on my Blacklist. I hope management re-strategizes and brings life back to this place, so I can write a revised review soon. Until then, don’t bother making this a destination for your night out. Don’t believe me? This picture should sum up the Cafeina experience for you…. Quick, someone give them a shot of espresso before they fall asleep!