Bonefish Grill Miami West, Kendall, FL

April 30, 2016

This place is small and quaint but it never disappoints, whether its brunch, lunch, or dinner. I’ve been here hundreds of times, but recently decided to go for a simple and low key birthday dinner. What set this experience apart from the others was the fact that they made one of my favorite seasonal drinks which is no  longer on the menu and the fact that a friend of mine (who was out of town) called the restaurant to send me a surprise birthday cocktail. Without hesitation, they took the order. However, when it came time to pay, they stated that it was against their policy to accept payment by phone, but that they would make sure I got the drink and that it was on the house.

All you blacklists, take notes, these are some serious customer service skills on steroids. It was a small gesture, but it went such a long way. Because of this, Bonefish went from small, quaint, and safe, to one of my favorite local spots.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but Bonefish is a keeper in the restaurant bizz.