Blume Nightclub, Brickell, FL

March 5, 2016

There was a line and the bouncers were very serious about their jobs. As if we were entering one of the most exclusive clubs in Miami with an A-List DJ. They charged a cover charge at the point of entry. I’m not sure why, because the DJ was a nobody and the drinks were astronomically expensive. BUT, overall, my experience was pleasant. The music was great. But then again, my friends and I can have fun anywhere. We also felt a little on the older side compared to the adolescent crowd, but it was all good, we didn’t care.

Even though I had a nice time, I wasn’t impressed, I probably wont be going back unless it’s a special occasion. For that reason, Blume made my Blacklist. If you’re between the age of “21” (notice my quotation marks) and 23, you might consider this an A-List.

Blume Nightclub

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